Top 10 gifts men actually want

I read Ask Mens top 10 Christmas list for guys today and it sucks. It had a bathrobe and wallet in there, wtf? What guy wants someone else picking out their wallet for them? So I decided to write a more accurate top 10 list here:

10. A back massage (this could come in the form of a spa certificate). Men hold stress in their backs.

9. Nike running shoes like the ones they already have, a fresh pair is always appreciated.

8. Subscription to Playboy, yes believe it or not most guys like to see hot naked women.

7. A flat screen TV for the bathroom. Guys like to do things when they are on the john.

6. Nice leather gloves, they make a man feel like a gangster.

5. Home cooking, guys like to eat especially when they don’t have to cook.

4. A small replica of the car they drove in when they were young.

3. Thick, dark brown blanket. Guys just don’t buy these, but always need them.

2. Books about generals and other leaders. Who doesn’t like to aspire?!

1. A small framed photo of you. Men will never take the time to frame a photo and many times forget how it makes them feel to have pictures around.


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