Bree Olson

bree1.jpgPorn star of the year 08′? Every year there are countless numbers of new girls showing up in Chatsworth, CA to make it big in the porn industry. Although adult dvd rentals and sales are not what they used to be the studios are pushing out more movies than ever! This being the case it needs more and more girls. Why would a girl want to do porn? The most common quoted reason is, to make a lot of money quickly and then move on to pursue the “dream”.

In theory it kind of makes sense. You make $800 a shoot, you do four shoots a week = $12,800 month. You do this 11 months out of the year and you have $140,800. But then all the stuff you don’t think about comes out, taxes, food, shelter, agent fees, and the endless amounts of clothes. After all this you have $50,000 left in savings. So you save for three years, $150,000 you accumulate. Then you use this for a college education, come out and don’t have any money. Your back to square one. But you use your diploma to go out and get a non porn job. You find you have to go to a job you don’t like and then you say, I’ll go back to porn. A few more years, and then you’ve saved $100,000 again. What does this get you, not much in California. So the big money part doesn’t really work out. What other skills have you gotten? And that seems to be the biggest problem. Years go by, without developing new knowledge and skills outside of sex.


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